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We’re Proud To Continue Offering Our Learning Program

Inspired by 30 years of research conducted by Down Syndrome Education International, The Learning Program was developed by the Down Syndrome Foundation of Orange County (DSFOC) in 2004 to teach parents to be effective first teachers for their children with Down syndrome.

Today we know more than ever about the cognitive profile of individuals with Down syndrome. Strengths include visual learning, reading, and social skills. Weaknesses often include speech and language, and verbal short-term memory.

The Learning Program is an innovative program that delivers evidence-based educational support to children, parents and teachers with the goal of improving the overall development and academic success of children with Down syndrome using the results of this research.

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Information on the 8th Annual Learning Program (2020-2021) will come out in August 2020.

We provide direct monthly instruction in literacy, math and fine motor skills for both child and parent. Children receive hands-on learning in centers that focus on literacy, math and fine motor/handwriting in a classroom setting led by a qualified teacher and occupational therapist with volunteers to maintain a low teacher to student ratio. DSAGR has two classes with up to 12 children in each class.   Level 1 class is  for ages 4 to 6 (pre-K to 1st) and Level 2 is for  ages ranging from 7 to 9 years (1st to 3rd grade) Parents receive instructions in a separate ‘parent only’ class (held at the same time as the children’s class) on how to continue this education at home and in other settings. Parent topics include – literacy (3 classes), math (2 classes) and other topics such as memory, independence and IEPs.

Look at what to expect in the Learning Program video here!

The classes are held at: River Road Church, Baptist, 8000 River Road, Richmond, VA 23229

For questions about the Learning Program, please contact Kim Owens at education@dsagr.org


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