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Education Scholarships For DS Members

The Scholarship Program provides financial assistance for individuals with Down syndrome (DS) to participate in extracurricular or life skill development activities. It may not be used for therapy services, daycare, family vacations, or memberships to local museums or public attractions. It is intended to offer an individual with DS an opportunity for a fun, enriching program that he/she would not get in the academic/therapy arena. Examples include, but are not limited to, the following: camps, tutoring, dance classes, art classes, karate, gymnastics, life preparatory skills training, swimming lessons.

  • Each applicant is eligible for a maximum of $500.00 per calendar year (January-December) in scholarship funds.

  • Funds will be disbursed on an annual basis, based on availability, and at the discretion of The DSAGR Board of Directors.

  • Monies will be sent directly to the program (invoice required) or reimbursed with a paid receipt.

  • The DSAGR scholarship program is now accepting applications for individuals with Down syndrome to participate in a variety of programs in 2021.  An invoice or paid receipt MUST be submitted with the application to receive funds.  If your child or adult received funds in 2020 you must also complete page two of the application.  To view the application please click HERE The program guidelines are available here

    Applications will not be processed until all the required documents are received. All 2021 scholarship applications, invoices, or receipts must be received before December 15, 2021.

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